Within Without

Bill's Notes Session 6.21.2013 In-Game: 10.12.2073

We’ve been given a mission by our teachers/benefactors. A total of 8 memory devices are given to us. We are to meet a contact (Claudia Marin) and interface our memory devices with their implanted memory jack, retrieve the data, and return to base with it.

Runners going are:
Player: Runner:
Joe Somewhere
Mike Saturday
Quinn Reach
Jack Grimm
Charles Bunny
Tanya Taki
Ora Kid
Bill Ghost

We procure a school van, belonging to the gym teacher, and begin our 2 hour drive to the rendezvous. A state-run hospital.

Ghost establishes video surveillance for a 6 block radius around the hospital. (Minor holes in net due to somewhat low hacking roll.) We also hack interior security cams and door system.

Grimm disguises himself as an employee.

When first entering the hospital what was one blip becomes 12.

Bunny shops “inconspicuously” in the gift shop, ready to assist if necessary.

Taki and Saturday pose as an autority figure and a nurse (respectively) and proceed to higher security areas.

Kid investigates the church. Then he is in a vision/hallucination. He is on a stage, but also on a street, and is expected to give a speech momentarily. He resists the spell and finds himself actually in the chapel. The chapel is empty.

Saturday and Taki reach the 14th floor, fool the orderlies, and get a tour of the floor/ward. Only the director can authorize access to the 15th floor. They direct their tour to go in proximity to the 3 blips on the 14th floor. A spell was going to take affect on Saturday, he countered it.

Taki experiences a vision/hallucination. An archaic courtyard; very opulent. Taki is center of attention/authority. Two women claiming to be the mother of a child are brought before her.
Saturday notices Taki’s affliction and warns the part that the blips seem to be guarded magically.

Reach scouts the parking garage for good sightlines.

Saturday enchants a nurse and instructs her to, over a team comm-link, “Tell me everything about the facility.”

Why the low Security? – They have a contract with the military and don’t want alarms to endanger the contract.

What’s with the wards? There is a magic-user on staff that uses the wards.

What do you know about Claudia Marin? – She doesn’t know much, but she is definitely a high profile patient.

Can she get to her? Yes but it would raise an alarm – lockdown state. Only dangerous situation, needing evacuation, would override. In this case, the military would arrive within minutes.

Kid encounters another ward/hallucination.

Bunny is given Grimm’s spare grappling gun to retrieve Kid, who is stuck in the lawyer’s office on the first floor.

Ghost spoofs the cameras on the roof and those leading to Claudia’s room on 15th floor. In preparation for Grimm to physically cut into building.

Simultaneously: Saturday is notified to retrieve & exfil w/ Taki. Bunny is told the same.
He successfully accesses her room, but there is mysteriously no one in the large machine claudia was seen in. There is an older woman in the room who, when questioned, states she is Claudia’s mother and Claudia should be there. “She was just here.”

End of game.

15 Karma (XP)

Game Zero

The Players are approached at the club room of their ‘Extracurricular Club’ by a teacher. The teacher informs them that as part of their lesson in responsibility they are to begin repaying their 300k debt to the school by performing Runs.

8 storage units are provided on Saturday evening at the end of the school session. By Monday morning, at least one member is to have plugged theirs into a dataport possessed by a certain individual at a certain location. The target is located in the locked ward of the psychiatric floor of a Denver hospital.

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