Welcome to ‘Within Without’, aka “The Children’s Crusade”

This is our new campaign homepage.

Not much here as this is kind of a ‘filler arc’ while someone actually comes up with a whole game world and story for us to play in. In the meantime, I have a few ideas going and I hope you will have some fun here.

Just to recap: this is a campaign for Shadowrun involving a group of preteens rescued from the streets and trained from an early age to be anti-Megacorp Runners. I realize that not all of your character concepts will fit into the basic outline; that’s fine. Here are the defaults.

You spent most of your first 10 years living on the mean streets of Denver in the late 2060s, homeless orphans who managed to find some way to survive. Five years ago, you were elevated from that lowly condition to a comparatively exalted state; recruited by a Mysterious Benefactor, you were placed in an educational program that gave you room, board, comfort and even a few luxuries.

They educated you in the basics of Running the Shadows, taught you that the Megacorps were evil entities that need to be taken down (the government isn’t much better)and outfitted you with technology and magic. In so doing, they also sheltered you from personal experience of many of the day to day realities of living in the modern world (but you studied it).

It is now about 8 weeks into your semester year, and after a summer break refresher, you are ready for your first real Run, organized and carried out by yourselves. Good luck…

When you have a moment, take a look at our wiki. There will eventually be some more helpful info there.

Within Without

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